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about ladisoulTo learn more about LadiSoul keep reading.

Greetings, let me introduce myself, my name is Jamie London-Clay.

I am a indie soul singer-songwriter.

Performing under the moniker Ladi Soul.

I am currently a resident of Oak Park IL.

Born in Chicago IL, raised in Detroit MI.

I am most notable for my interpretation of other people’s music and my take on its message.

I always respect the heart of the original but consume it my way.


Currently, you can hear My debut as a singer-songwriter in my 1st single release “Freedom Love“!

A song about enjoying the freedom of love and love bringing the feeling of freedom.

For example, coming from a significant other, family, friends, God.

It’s What I call “feel-good music”.

I want people to feel good when they hear the song.



LadiSoul’s soulful style includes various genres of music.

Specifically, Soul, RnB, Neo-Soul music.

Rock, Jazz, Blues, the ’90s, ’80s, Disco, Funk, House, Dance, Pop, Reggae,  Country, and Gospel/Christian music.

My musical influences are Aretha Franklin, Natalie Cole. Lauryn Hill, Gladys Knight, Whitney Huston.

Also, Dorinda Clark-Cole, Chaka Khan, Michael Jackson, Prince, Anita Baker, etc…

There are so many more to name.

With over 30 years of experience with many groups.

15 years as a solo artist, bringing to the stage and various bands, my soulful sound, and stage presence.

I have hosted live band open mics around the Chicagoland area for over 10 years.

I provided local platforms, for the local performing arts artist, bands, poets, comedians.

And ordinary people to perform and share their gifts talents.


In conjunction with my live performances.

I have a personal blog that I use as a creative outlet for me to express my love for all things that fascinates me.

IAmJamieClay.com is a lifestyle blog.

I am a self-proclaimed unconventional entrepreneur.

In fact, I am a music-obsessed, fashion-loving, family woman who believes in God.

Living a healthy lifestyle is something I love to do.

In my blog, you will find a few things sure to please everyone.

But, the content revolves around my personal and spiritual development.

My interest includes health & wellness, marriage, family relationships.

Then Entrepreneurship, financial education, making money online, and building wealth.

The culture, communities, politics, and religion. Music (various styles) and live entertainment.

Talent, art, fashion, theater, things to do, food, style, the latest trends, and products.

about ladisoul

I sing from within my soul.

Ignited with a mission to “inspire your soul through music”.

I provide live music entertainment with performance tracks or with a live band. For any event.

For bookings contact me here!

Yet, I am flexible in my presentation of my performances depending upon the needs of the event.

To sum up, my sound is soulful, unique, refreshing, and will captivate the soul of anyone who can hear.

about ladisoul

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